About us


To be the leading organization where oral health and other professionals meet, communicate, exchange ideas and work together to improve oral health for people with special needs. To treat all our patients in a higher self-esteem and well-being by providing care in an efficient and cost effective manner and to treat all the patients as a family member. As well as to be recognized, and be one of the leading dental centers in UAE.


The mission of our Dental Center is to provide first quality care in a state of-the-art environment with careful attention to detail and deep personal respect. Our purpose as a dental team is to provide the best quality of dental care based on the North American / Canadian standard to guarantee the highest standard of Infection Control Guidelines to our patients, our family and our friends at the same time.

With caring and understanding, we strive to deliver this treatment as gently as possible. We want to help our patients achieve excellent oral health, with the goal of a life time of smiles with natural teeth. We take pride in our profession.