Zircon Crowns in Jumeira Dubai

A Dental Crown is an excellent option if a tooth has become weak by the occurrence of a crack or chip, undergone a root canal therapy, become decayed or damaged by an accident. Heavily filled or weak teeth can be made very strong with a dental crown. If you are suffering from any of these circumstances you may greatly benefit from the placement of a Dental Crown.
They are fabricated using high grade, quality porcelains. Your Dental Crown will meet our requested shape and colour specifications and is a permanent solution to solve the many concerns and issues associated with a broken down, weak or misaligned tooth.

While at Disco, at the club's full light I had to keep my mouth shut because instead of nice crowns I had black cavities! Why? My crowns have ugly black borders at the edges of the gums! Why?

The problem is in the metal ceramic crowns (gold, chrome-cobalt alloy, titanium) since metal can't present the color gleam as natural teeth can.

Nowadays the best and most natural result in the aesthetic treatment is obtained by crowning using zircon.

Zircon crowns correspond to the most modern technology and serve with magnificently aesthetic results. The framework consists of white zircon – easy, gracile, but at the same time very stable – very accommodating to tissue. The achieved transparency is optimal. This method is optimal for the production of crowns but also multi-chain bridges due to its high stability.


  • high stability; applicable in the incisor region as well as in the region of the side teeth
  • can be used in case of very long round bridges
  • magnificent aesthetic
  • igh precision
  • no allergies