Cosmetic Dental Restoration in Dubai

Some examples of cosmetic dentistry are fixing gaps and spaces between teeth, putting in replacements for missing ones, teeth whitening for sets that have been stained or appear off color and aligning crooked teeth as well. With recent developments and technologies, there are even various additions to the options you can avail of like adjusting your tooth size if they feel too long, wide or short. You can even improve your smile if your gums tend to dominate your teeth. Also dental cosmetic treatment will be able to replace old fillings and crowns which tend to tarnish the natural white color of your teeth. You will avoid the risk of staining or discoloring from silver amalgam fillings and old-fashioned crowns.


Tooth restoration is a procedure where decayed tooth is restored to its original form and function by the dentist. The dentist removes all the decayed part of the tooth. Next he fills the tooth with light/laser cured restorative material. Its advantage is as follows:
- It is tooth colored
- It bonds to the tooth surface
- Its strength is much more than the silver amalgam
- Life of light cured filling is much more than silver amalgam